Rent Passenger Vans Calgary Airport, 9-12 Seater Hire YYC (2023)

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Passenger Van Hire Calgary Airport

Transport larger groups and their luggage with Triavi passenger vans. Save time and money by booking your next van or minivan rental online in Calgary Airport with Triavi. Posted by

Van rentals have become increasingly popular as a practical and economic way of transporting a larger group of people and their luggage or to haul goods. Hire a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in Calgary Airport and allow all passengers to travel in safety and comfort.

If you are looking for a self-drive VW, a 15 passenger van in Calgary Airport or need a one-way minivan rental, then search online with Triavi and choose one of our top van rental offers. Are you asking where can I hire a cheap minibus from Avis? What is the average cost of an airport van hire or what is the best passenger van for 8 people? Well don’t worry, Triavi is here to help you get the best deal for your ideal van hire.

Whatever your destination or your travel group size, Triavi Car Rental Services will be glad to help you select the passenger van rental in Calgary Airport to suit your needs and budget. Check our online car rental deals and book one of our passenger vans in Calgary Airport from our wide selection, including Ford van rental, one-way minibus hire with GPS or budget minivan hire, available at thousands of rental locations including major airports, cities and neighborhoods worldwide.

We guarantee you the cheapest van hire in Calgary Airport as we compare the latest prices of local and leading rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Sixt, Enterprise and many others. Book your next van rental in Calgary Airport online or contact our customer services by mail or by phone to get a quote, further information or for assistance in making a reservation for a passenger van in Calgary Airport.

Self-drive Minivan and Minibus Cheap Rental in Calgary Airport

A minivan rental is ideal when travelling with a group of 6 or more people: the roomy cabin, the tall seating and flexible seating configurations, as well as larger cargo space and storage facilities offer you and your passengers a comfortable ride. If you are looking for a small van rental in Calgary Airport check out our weekend and weekly rates for a 6 seater car rental like the Mazda 5, a sporty manual micro mini van with a 6 passenger capacity or a manual Fiat Multipla, a fuel-efficient compact MPV.

Find out about our 7 seater cars available in Calgary Airport and book a cheap minivan such as a 7 seater diesel Ford Galaxy tdi with manual transmission, an automatic Dodge Caravan or the Nissan NV200, a reliable and safe 7 passenger minivan.

If you need a larger family mini van, make a reservation for a Toyota van and book a Sienna Rental, a powerful 4WD for 8 people or an automatic 8 seater Honda Odyssey with a 3rd row seating. Check out our monthly prices in Calgary Airport for a luxury van rental, such as an automatic Mercedes Viano People Carrier with a spacious seating for 8 passengers and their luggage or the 7 seater Chrysler Town & Country, a fuel-efficient people mover with a stylish urban look.

Looking for a discount van rental in Calgary Airport? Find out about our van rentals deals and book a 9 seater minibus in Calgary Airport. Hire a manual Toyota hiace minibus, a powerful 9 seater VW Caravelle people carrier with manual transmission or rent a manual Mercedes Vito, a luxury van that seats 9 people.

Planning a camping trip? Find out about our cheap camper van rental in Calgary Airport and reserve an automatic Toyota Previa Camper van with 2 berths or a Volkswagen Kombi 8 seater with manual transmission in Calgary Airport to travel in style and freedom.

Full-size Passenger Van Hire in Calgary Airport

If you need to haul a large number of people for personal or business use, check our online van rental deals in Calgary Airport. Choose the right full-size van or crew van rental to suit your needs from our range of full-size passenger van rentals in Calgary Airport. Enjoy the best prices when you book an automatic Savana GMC 4x4 for 8, 12 and 15 passengers with passenger side-sliding doors or an automatic Nissan NV3500, a 12 seater van with rear wheel drive (RWD). Hire the Ford Club Wagon for 12 and 15 passengers or a 17 seater Ford Transit minibus, or look at our last minute deals in Calgary Airport.

Don’t forget you can reserve a one-way rental on Ford vans in Calgary Airport if you need to return your passenger van to a different location. Other rental options include the automatic 12 seater Toyota Hiace Commuter, which is a popular crew van and the Chevrolet Express 1500 that seats 12 to 15 passengers.

Save time and money by booking online with Triavi your next passenger van rental in Calgary Airport.

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Passenger Van Hire Calgary Airport

Calgary Airport Rentals

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Calgary International Airport (YYC), located 11 miles northeast of the city, is a central location for anyone looking to explore Canada's western region and the province of Alberta, and an ideal place to rent one of our passenger vans. With an annual passenger count of over 14 million, this is Canada's fastest growing airport. Established in 1938 as McCall Airfield, the current terminal was built in 1977, and is presently undergoing a 2 billion dollar renovation project to build an international terminal, due for completion in 2015. From Calgary Airport you can reach various destinations in Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean and East Asia. Calgary Airport has a preclearance facility for Immigration to the USA, and serves as a corporate headquarters for WestJet and Canadian Regional Airlines, as well as acting as a hub for Air Canada and Air Canada Express. If you're traveling with kids, they might enjoy Calgary Airport’s space-themed attraction, the Spaceport.

Hire a passenger van from Calgary Airport for an easy way to get around the largest city east of the Rockies and west of Ontario. The Rental Car Center is conveniently located on the departures level, and it can be reached via an elevator, across the arrivals hall roadway. Calgary Airport offers you a choice of six major car rental companies, including Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo and Avis. Take a drive in your rental passenger van from Calgary Airport to Banff National Park, only an hour and a half drive away, or travel a further two hours to Jasper National Park, via the Icefields Parkway, an especially scenic route that takes you through the Canadian Rockies. As you travel westward be sure to stop at Bow Valley Provincial Park, situated on highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway). Heading northwards you can reach Edmonton within a three hour drive, although we suggest you take advantage of your Calgary Airport passenger van hire and take a short detour via Drumheller, to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and its showcase of 40 dinosaur skeletons, including those of a T Rex. Heading south toward the Montana Border you will reach Waterton Lakes National Park, just a stone's throw away from Glacier National Park. On your way you can observe the Okotoks Erratic, an unusual geologic feature, and stop at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, Fort MacLeod, to find out more about Canada’s First Nation Heritage.

Rental locations

Airports in Canada

Rental Location Address: 2000 Airport Rd Ne, National Car Rental, Calgary, T2e6w5, Ab, Ab

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is convenient for visitors to Calgary, in the Province of Alberta, Canada as well as for those heading to the Canadian Rockies and the mountain towns of Lake Louise and Banff. The fourth largest Canadian city is divided into Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE) and Southwest (SW). Visit 17th Avenue and Mission, Kensington in Downtown and the historic district of Inglewood, or head out to explore Jasper National Park. The city of Edmonton is just three hours drive, and the US border is just 200 miles away.

Compare Rental Rates

Car name Rental
Categories # of
1 day Rate
(24 hours)
2 days
3 days
6 Month
Ford E-350 Avis Automatic, Passenger van 15 49 98 147 343 1470 8820
Chevrolet Express 3500 Avis 8 Seater, Automatic, Passenger van 8 55 110 165 385 1650 9900
Mercedes Vito Traveliner Hertz 9 Seater, Manual, Passenger van 9 57 114 171 399 1710 10260
Ford Ecoline 8 Seater Avis Automatic, Passenger van 8 68 136 204 476 2040 12240
Ford Club Wagon 15 Seater Budget Automatic, Passenger van 12 65 130 195 455 1950 11700
Mercedes Vito 9 Seater (with Sat Nav) Sixt 9 Seater, Manual, Passenger van 8 73 146 219 511 2190 13140
Mercedes Vito Traveliner Automatic Enterprise 9 Seater, Automatic, Passenger van 9 72 144 216 504 2160 12960
Chevrolet Express 3500 Avis Automatic, Passenger van 11 55 110 165 385 1650 9900
Ford E-350 Dollar Automatic, Passenger van 12 49 98 147 343 1470 8820
Volkswagen Caravelle National 9 Seater, Automatic, Passenger van 9 140 280 420 980 4200 25200
Mercedes Vito Traveliner Alamo 9 Seater, Automatic, Passenger van 8 158 316 474 1106 4740 28440
Ford Clubwagon 12 passenger Alamo Automatic, Passenger van 12 63 126 189 441 1890 11340

Car Rental Categories

Travelling in a large group? What’s the best way to get around Calgary Airport? Have things to move? How much does it cost to hire a van for a day? All good questions, and all of which we should be able to answer here. Triavi rents out large, mid size vans and minivans at the most competitive rates. Mini vans available for rent include the 7 seater, 5 door Toyota Estima, that comes equipped with air conditioning and GPS. The Toyota Lucida, another 7 seater, 5 door, with air-conditioning and available in automatic transition. Lastly, the large Toyota Estima, that sits 8 people.

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