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A sewer camera inspection can cost as little as $100 or as much as $4,500, depending on the issue. You’ll likely pay an average cost of about $865, with a typical range of $255 and $1,483. Camera inspections tend to be more expensive than drain cleaning, and are usually leveraged to identify more serious problems when simple drain snaking can’t fix a slow drain.

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Sewer Camera Inspection Cost Calculator

Let's calculate cost data for you. Where are you located?

Where are you located?

National Average $865
Typical Range $255 - $1,483
Low End - High End $100 - $5,300
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Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,879 HomeAdvisor members.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection Cost

The average cost for a sewer camera inspection is about $788. You may pay less if the pipes can be accessed using a sewer line cleanout access point rather than through a toilet or vent stack. This cost does not include anything other than the sewer inspection.

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Some inspectors charge a one-time fee to come to your home, which could cost $20 to $30. Your plumber or sewer scope inspector will likely do the following:

  1. Open the drain to run the camera through the line

  2. Use a camera to do a visual check of the plumbing for any possible problems

  3. Create a detailed report with the results of the inspection

  4. Provide a digital file of the recording

  5. Discuss costs and next steps

What’s Not Included in the Cost of a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The camera inspection shows you problems in your sewer line but does not include the price to fix those problems. Plumbers who charge little or nothing for the inspection may charge more for any related services, such as:

  • Cost to clean a drain: $100–$300.

  • Cost to clear a sewer line: Depending on the length of your sewer line, snaking costs $150–$500, while hydro jetting costs about $400 on average.

  • Repairing the main sewer line: $1,100–$4,100 depending on the length of the line.

  • Sewer line replacement cost: $8,000–$30,000

  • Plumber rates: A local sewer line repair pro will charge $45–$150 per hour

Sewer Inspection Costs by Method

Sewer inspection cameras allow you (or your plumber) to see any problems that may be lurking underneath your floorboards, down drains, and anywhere else you normally can’t see. Different types of cameras might be used depending on the situation.

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Digital Inspection Cameras

High-resolution, live digital scanning cameras can provide immediate recommendations for sewer repair or replacement. Plus, the camera can record all inspections to help predict possible future problems. Prices range from $3,000 up to $35,000.

Snake Cameras

Snake cameras range from $40 to $160, though snake cameras are not as accurate as most other camera types. Homeowners usually use them for DIY inspections, as they only go about 20 feet down a sewer line. Though this depth isn't enough to locate many problems, snake cameras work well to find some obstructions.

Rigid Borescopes

Rigid borescopes can cost $1,000 to $1,700 or more. A rigid borescope is usually the best choice for straight paths that don’t bend or curve. This type of camera is durable, cost-effective, and offers sharp images.


Drones cost as much as $200 to $300 per hour. They can pinpoint the exact location of problems, offer quality images and video, and go into very tight areas. Using a drone also significantly improves safety for workers. However, its expense makes it a much less attractive option for homeowners.

CCTV Cameras

The purchase price for a CCTV (closed-circuit TV) sewer camera can range from about $2,500 to $10,000 on average, though you can rent them for $120 to $250 per day. This camera is a very small piece of equipment attached to a thin cable that allows a plumber to view a live video feed inside sewer pipes to pinpoint clogs or damaged areas.

Get a Quote From a Sewer Scope Inspector

Sewer Line Camera Inspection Cost Factors

The cost of a sewer line camera inspection can vary greatly depending on the following factors.

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Sewer Length

If your camera needs to travel further inside the sewer, you’ll need to factor in additional time and money for the inspection. Unless you know the length of your plumbing system, it can be difficult to get an accurate quote. Systems longer than 330 feet may require specialist services.


Most properties have hundreds of feet of plumbing running through them. Prepare for a higher project quote if you’re hoping to inspect a hard-to-access area blocked by trees. For example, you can expect to pay $125 to $500 if your home has a cleanout access point, or $175 to $750 if it does not.

Fixes or Upgrades

To address additional fixed or upgrades, plumbers typically charge $45 to $150 per hour. If you opted for an inspection only rather than a full-service package, you’ll be charged separately for any needed fixes or upgrades to your system. This can include repairs as simple as removing a clog or as complex as addressing a break in your sewer line.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro for a Sewer Inspection

It’s possible to inspect the sewer yourself. You can rent a professional-grade sewer line inspection camera for about $200 to $300 per day from your local rental shop. Snake cameras are also available for purchase from $40 to $160, but these are not as accurate and can only go about 20 feet down your sewer line.

That said, your untrained eye might miss a minor problem that could lead to major damage in the future. Additionally, exposure to high levels of sewer gas, harmful bacteria, and parasites can cause injury, infection, or illness. For your safety, you should always hire a plumbing professional to inspect your sewer line.

Licensed plumbers know the ins and outs of a plumbing system and can identify specific problems more quickly. This will save time and potentially offset the savings of a DIY approach over the cost to hire a plumber. Plumbers can also inspect problems in your yard or main sewer line because they have the right tools and can obtain city approval to open manholes.

DIY Sewer Inspection vs. Hiring a Pro
Method Average Cost Range
Sewer Camera Rental for DIY Inspection $200 – $300 per day
Hire a Licensed Professional Plumber $45 – $150 per hour
Get a Quote From a Plumber for an Inspection


How far will the drain camera inspection go?

Most drain cameras can only go 330 to 350 feet. Drones can go much further, traveling several hundred feet under your property. Your plumber will determine the best drain to use for the scope and run the device until they discover the source of the problem or reach the end of the private line connecting your home to the municipal sewer.


What can I expect to see from the sewer video inspection?

Without proper training, you may not be able to identify what you see during the sewer video inspection, even if the video quality is high. Ask your plumber to walk you through the inspection and show you what they find. Modern equipment often contains bright lights and self-leveling technology to get an upright view of the pipes.

Can I rent a sewer camera for a DIY scope?

You can rent a sewer camera for a DIY scope for about $200 to $300 per day, but many homeowners decide the average cost of $125 to $750 for pro inspection is a better investment. Many rental scopes only run short distances compared to commercial sewer cameras that can run much further down your lines. They also require you to learn how to use the camera.


What is the importance of sewer inspection? ›

If you want to ensure the lifespan of your sewer line, then inspections are the key. Regular inspections, along with maintenance, can help to avoid an untimely sewer line replacement, by keeping your sewer line in good repair and avoiding severe damage by catching small issues before they become big ones.

How much is a sewer line inspection NJ? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Video a Sewer Line? As with all plumbing projects, this one depends on local rates, the length of pipes, and if the job is done alone or as part of other jobs. But generally, a residential video pipe inspection costs between $100 – $800.

How much does it Cost to run a camera down a drain? ›

Average Cost of a Sewer Line Camera Inspection

For basic sewer camera inspection, you can expect to pay about $280, with an average price range of $125 to $500. Lowest inspection costs are close to $70, while the maximum price point is closer to $900.

How much does it Cost to buy a sewer camera? ›

A video sewer line inspection can cost as little as $100 or, on the high end, up to $2,650. You'll typically pay between $250 and $1,175. Here's a tip: you may also be able to negotiate a better rate if you bundle a pipe inspection with another service, such as sewer cleaning.

What are the three purpose of inspection? ›

Inspections are important as they allow you to: listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors. gain further understanding of jobs and tasks. identify existing and potential hazards.

What is the purpose of the inspection process? ›

To inspect is to carefully examine. The main objective of inspection is to meet customer requirements, wants, and needs. The objective is to prevent defective product flowing down the successive operations and prevent loss to the company.


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